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Welcome my friends. To begin, it is important for people to understand...who I am and where I'm at now. As Johnny Anonymous, I have forgone the name in which the New World Order (N.W.O.) disposed me with when I was born. I did this when I was very young and dropped-out of school in 6th grade. Many would claim it was because I wasn't as "smart" as others - but I claim it's because I was wiser than everyone there.

My mother did not like me dropping out of school. So I ran away. I lived in a very urban environment, so I learned how to live homeless by age 12. I began reading how the government controls others very fast. I noticed how I was being followed more-and-more often by demonic surveillance. It was at age 16 that I started wearing "the mask." It was at age 18 that I had it permanently implanted into my face so the demons (aka illuminati) will no longer take advantage of me.

At age 19 I met a man named "Tim." He taught me about The Spirits. This is when I learned how the world really works and began to understand what the demons of the NWO are really trying to do. It's this information that I am trying to spread beyond to others. I've been attacked many time by these demons since. Thankfully, however, The Spirits have saved me. As I've done my research, crazy things have happened...such as gutters collapsing in a homeless house I was staying at. Since then I have not officially "lived" in a house. Rather, I prefer to spend nights in local forests or caves - depending on the location.

So to this day I still ask myself: "Why am I here"? I want to show others that The Spirits are out there and can help! The Spirits float around you everywhere you go! You should be able to feel or see them sometimes too. The NWO knows The Spirits are there too. And they know The Spirits can conquer them if we - as a whole - come together and resist them! This is what the NWO is trying to stop.

We can do this. I'm not like some of those pathetic pieces of feces asking for money donations online. I'm just trying to get us all to work together and unite with the Sprits. Please spread the word. Feel free to contact me via email or facebook. We can do this and show the spirits that we will overpower the demons/illuminati.



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