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Welcome to Johnny Anonymous. We will be using this web location to keep you updated on how we are being controlled and manipulated by others. Because many people who believe in conspiracy theories are uneducated and can't read, we'll do our best to use media (videos) on most our pages. Feel free to email me and/or become friends with me by joining my facebook community page. Finally, each page should have facebook posting available so share your thoughts there too.

The Demons like Sonny Cardona are out there trying to find their prey. People that are lonely and available. Although there are people there that deny the CONSPIRACY theories there, non-believers like Matthew, Aaron Burch, Arnold Terrell, Jim Bloch, John Swindell, Emmi Kern, Kym Jong, Wesly Owen, Bill Franz, etc. are all weak-minded and don't understand holy god like we do. We need you to support Raul Sanchez and Graham Mitchell so the others can learn! You must all be there to help my brother Payne and I. Yes...you can also come with us and stay away from demonic people and mind-manipulators.


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